For many years, KC Corporation has provided project support to the University of Alaska Anchorage. KC Corporation worked with the University to replace the existing ventilation units for the welding labs, ceramics stone maker room, and the main building air handler which serves the majority of the offices in the admin maintenance facilities on campus.

New roof hoods were provided and installed on the roof for ventilation systems associated with the units. Modifications were made to the existing ductwork to accommodate new units. Building automation upgraders were conducted for associated units, upgrades to existing welding snorkels, cleaned existing ductwork. Testing and balancing of all existing and new air systems, including testing and balancing of the hydronic coils associated with new units installed.

Other work conducted:

  • Paint spray booths of new units and connect to existing ductwork. Electrical scope to provide power and control for new HVAC equipment and integrated into BAS automatic system.
  • Replace existing ventilation units serving the fleet shop and upgrade vehicle exhaust ventilation system including the hose reels.
  • Replace existing ventilation systems serving the ceramics rooms.
  • Replace existing ventilation system serving the offices adjacent to the fleet shop.
  • Replace existing ventilation system serving the carpentry room.

Units installed and worked through the facility:

  • MAU-1 and MAU-2, MAU-3, MAU-4, MAU-5, MAU-6
  • EF-1, EF-2, EF-3, EF-4, EF-8
  • AHU-1
  • AH-3-D, AH-4-D, AH-5-D
  • FCU-1